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Mike Moat, Debbie Moat 1993
Mike Moat & NY DJ Bill Rock 1992

In the summer of 1989, Mike was seen on national T.V. on the "Live with
Regis & Kathie Lee Show". Regis Philbin called Mike Moat a "Close Elvis".

One of the highlights of Mike's career came in the summer of 1990, when
he was flown to Las Vegas, Nevada and performed to sold out audiences.
One of the session musicians who has seen and played for various Elvis
acts, declared " Mike Moat is the best Impersonator to play Vegas!" Mike
returned to Las Vegas in 1992 and 1993 and brought back the magic of his
1990 performances. The 1992 performance was at The Hilton, the same
hotel that Elvis routinely performed at while in Las Vegas.  (then known as
The International)

In January 1991, Mike was seen performing in New York City by the famous
WYNY D.J. Bill Rock. Bill was so impressed with Mike's performance, the
following day he announced on the radio, to millions of people that " Mike Moat
is the best Elvis impersonator ", and "His performance brought the house down!"

In 1991 Mike had the fortune of performing with the legendary Soupy Sales.

One week later Mike was flown to San Diego, California
and performed at the Marriott to over 2,000 people. There
he put on some exciting performances, electrifying the
huge crowd, who called him out for two encores.

In March 1991, Mike was featured in PEOPLE Magazine
and a paper back book entitled "I AM ELVIS".

Also in 1991, Mike was approached to co-star in two motion
pictures. Although he could not commit to these offers, one
film turned into the #1 hit of that year "Honeymoon in Vegas".

December 1991 was another milestone in Mike's career
when he performed in Orlando, Florida at the exclusive
Disney World hotel "The Dolphin".

In August 1991, WPLJ Radio was looking for an impersonator to do a
promotional tour for the radio station. Famous WPLJ DJ Scott Shannon had
Mike contacted to do the tour which led to an appearance at Giants Stadium,
and a concert with The Village People. Scott's producer Jimmy Deale (a huge
Elvis fan himself) proclaimed "Mike Moat is the best Elvis. EVER!" During the
tour various film crews filmed Mike including Channels 2, 5 and 7.

Mike was featured on Channel 7 "Eyewitness News", Channel 5 "Entertainment
Daily Journal' (EDJ) and a December appearance on the informative CBS news
show "48 Hours".

Another huge step in Mike's career came in June 1993. Mike was flown to Nara,
Japan where his performances brought the house down. In the Orient, Mike
found the Japanese very knowledgeable of Elvis and his music.

On Elvis' birthday January 8, 1994, Mike was called back to New York City to
make a guest appearance on WPLJ. Scott Shannon announced to millions of
listeners that " Mike Moat is the finest Elvis Impersonator there Is!".

A couple years later Mike and his band performed on the same stage with
Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn in an outdoor concert to thousands.  

That same year Mike was selected to perform in an MTV commercial.

Mike's show has won critical acclaim from coast to coast in such places as New
Jersey, New York, Las Vegas, NV, New Orleans LA, Orlando FL, San Diego CA,
as well as overseas in Japan.

As you can surely tell by now, we are sold on the fantastic performance the
"Eternally Elvis Show" delivers. So sit back, relax and enjoy this fabulous
* Eternally Elvis *
* Eternally Elvis *
MIKE MOAT    "From Elvis to Angus"
Fronting NJ's Dance Band  -  GOLDEN REFLECTIONS
and NJ's Classic Rock Band  -  NASTY HAABITS
MIKE MOAT    "From Elvis to Angus"
Fronting NJ's Dance Band  -  GOLDEN REFLECTIONS
and NJ's Classic Rock Band  -  NASTY HAABITS
MIKE MOAT    "From Elvis to Angus"
Fronting NJ's Dance Band  -  GOLDEN REFLECTIONS
and NJ's Classic Rock Band  -  NASTY HAABITS
Please allow us to introduce you to Mike
Moat. His "Eternally Elvis" Show is a
100% live, high energy, action packed
re-creation of an Elvis Presley Concert.
Often billed as 'The Ultimate Elvis
Show," Mike's resemblance of Elvis and
his vocal similarities are absolutely
incredible, satisfying even the most
demanding Elvis Fan.  MIke only
performs with his 7-11 pc. band and
never uses backing tracks.
Throughout his career, Mike has performed hundreds of
shows at stadiums, arenas, night clubs, hotels and banquet
halls.  Past performances include benefit concerts for Muscular
Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Handicapped Children, St. Judes
Children's Hospital and The American Cancer Society.

In 1984, he won 1st place at a nationwide "Elvis Look-alike
Contest" held in New York City. It earned him a contract with the
largest look-alike agency in the country.

In the summer of 1986, Mike and his band were flown to New
Orleans, Louisiana to perform with Frankie Avalon, Bobby
Rydell, and Fabian. Following the final song, 'American Trilogy",
the crowd of thousands responded with a standing ovation.

In 1987 Mike was chosen from dozens of impersonators to
perform on the famous N.Y. radio DJ Howard Stern's FOX
television show. He made' quite an impression on Howard and
his band leader Leslie West (of the legendary group "Mountain").
At the audition, after seeing and hearing Mike perform, Leslie
commented saying, "Mike will have to be on the show, he is the
best I've ever seen!"

In 1989 Mike was seen performing for the first time by the "Love 4
Elvis" Fan Club of Clifton, NJ. Prior to the show he was informed
by the Fan Club that they had seen "all" the Elvis performers in
the Tri-State area, and none were deserving of their official
backing. That was soon to change after witnessing Mike and his
bands' dynamic performance. After the show Mike was informed
by the Fan Club that " Mike Moat was the best Elvis Impersonator
they had ever seen" and his "Eternally Elvis Show" was the best,
and only Elvis show in the Tri-State area worthy of their official
backing. Mike considers this backing by "true" Elvis fans the
greatest compliment he has ever received.
Mike Moat
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