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Rich Fontana
Backing Vocals
Golden Reflections - 60's 70's Dance Band
Golden Reflections has been one of the most popular oldies dance
bands over the last 25 years.  Their repertoire includes such artists as
Elvis, The Beatles, The Stray Cats and Creedance Clearwater.

Nasty Haabits - Classic Rock Band
Nasty Haabits is a rock band playing the classic songs from the
60's, 70's and 80's that include Bruce Springsteen, Deep Purple,
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and AC/DC.

Both groups consist of the same core five guys:

Golden Reflections also includes the backing vocal tandem of
Debbie Moat and Michelle Moat as well as an optional horn section.

Here are the musicians that make up the band...

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Bob Moat
* the band *
  • Mike Moat - Lead Vocals, Acoustic guitar
  • Bob Moat - Guitar
  • Rich Fontana - Piano, Keyboards & Backing vocals
  • John Castiglione - Drums
  • Andy Paleologos - Bass
MIKE MOAT    "From Elvis to Angus"
Fronting NJ's Dance Band  -  GOLDEN REFLECTIONS
and NJ's Classic Rock Band  -  NASTY HAABITS
MIKE MOAT    "From Elvis to Angus"
Fronting NJ's Dance Band  -  GOLDEN REFLECTIONS
and NJ's Classic Rock Band  -  NASTY HAABITS
Andy Paleologos
Rich Fontana
Backing Vocals
Mike Moat
Lead Vocals
Bob Moat
Mike Moat
Lead Vocals
Mike Moat
Began in: Bergenfield, NJ
Fave Bands: Elvis,
Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi,
Bruce Springsteen,  AC/DC
Gear: SM58 Beta Mic,
Takamine Acoustic Guitar
Bob Moat
Began in: Bergenfield, NJ
Fave Bands: The Outlaws.
Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC,
The Eagles
Gear: Guitars: Fender Strat,
Fender Telecaster,
Gibson Les Paul, G&L,
Martin & Ovation Acoustics
Fender  DeVille Amp
Rich Fontana
Began in: West Paterson, NJ
Fave Bands: The Beatles,
Alice Cooper,
Deep Purple, Nektar
Gear: Roland, Korg, Proteus,
Roland Fantam
Andy Paleologos
Began in:  West Orange, NJ
Fave Bands: U2. Journey
Bruce Springsteen,
REO Speedwagon
Gear: Bass - Fender
Precision and  Peavey
Amp - Peavey
GOLDEN REFLECTIONS is one of the most versatile Rock 'n Roll
dance bands in New Jersey and New York, emphasizing on the
sounds from the 50's, 60's 70's and 80's.  From rock 'n roll shows to
dances to weddings, GOLDEN REFLECTIONS can stir energy into
any audience.  The band has played hundreds of shows over the
past 25 years.

Be sure to ask for GOLDEN REFLECTIONS' diverse song list.
GOLDEN REFLECTIONS is a unique and dynamic dance rock
band.  During their 25 years together they have played hundreds of
oldies dances, concerts and weddings.  Unlike some bands that
change their line-up from show to show, GOLDEN REFLECTIONS
puts in writing each band member's name so that what you see is
what you get!  In addition to all of the standards, GOLDEN
REFLECTIONS' repertoire of 200+ songs includes classics from
some of the greatest rock groups, specializing in the sounds of
Elvis and Bruce Springsteen.  

GOLDEN REFLECTIONS was formed in 1983 with Mike Moat and
Bob Moat forming the nucleus.  As the lead vocalist, Mike Moat has
toured the country and has even played overseas in Japan.  Mike is
adamant about playing all of their songs in the original key.  This
differentiates GOLDEN REFLECTIONS from many other wedding
bands that tend to drop the key of many songs making their set list
sound the same.

From ballads to classic rock, Bob Moat is one of the most versatile
guitar players in New Jersey.  As you'll hear on some of the audio
samples, Bob's precision guitar playing captures the sounds of
some the most famous rock guitar players from the 50's to the 80's.

Debbie has been singing in the band since 1983, taking on a
permanent role in 1986.  Michelle joined the band in 2008.  Her
powerful soprano range is a perfect harmony fit to Deb's melodic
sound.  This dynamic female duo team brings to your event the
sounds of such female icons as Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and The

In 1987 Rich brought his expertise on the keyboards to the group.  
From the pounding of the keys on the piano to his complex string
and arrangements on the keyboards, Rich greatly compliments
Bob's quick picking on guitar.

In 2000 after a personnel change, the rhythm section was groovin'
with Andy on bass.  Andy's bass playing gives the band a steady
backbeat yet his smooth approach allows him to perform any type of
song.  In 2017, John stepped in and has become the backbone of
the band with his Ronnie Tutt (Elvis'drummer) style on the drums.  

GOLDEN REFLECTIONS features a 4-piece horn section that
includes two trumpets, a sax and a trombone.  This brings to your
event one of the most dynamic 11-piece bands in the New Jersey
area and will surely have your audience dancing, cheering and

As an added bonus, GOLDEN REFLECTIONS offers their
world-renowned ETERNALLY ELVIS show featuring Mike Moat!
GOLDEN REFLECTIONS, with it's large 11 piece ensemble, is one
of the truly authentic Elvis Presley Tribute bands in New Jersey.
John Castiglione - Drums
John Castiglione
Began in: Bloomfield, NJ
Fave Bands: Elvis & TCB Band,
Dream Theatre,
Flying Colors  
Gear: Sonor, Pearl &
Vintage Rogers Drums
Zildjian Cymbals